Thursday, July 29, 2010


I didn't do any work on selling my silver today, so the price inched back up a little.

Today I contacted Calvert School to ask if I could get a refund for a Discoveries in Art kit that I'd bought. In 2007.

Right after I got through, the doorbell rang and the dog went berserk. So I quickly dealt with that, commented on it to the woman on the phone, who asked, “Do I also hear birds?” So then I told her about the two birds, the bunny, and the ferret, and we had an animated conversation about the merits of ferrets versus bunnies.

Then we talked about ex-husbands and kids.

Then I told her about my favorite trick for bypassing lines at Disney World and Universal.

I got my refund.

I kept asking Cathy if she might not want to keep this amazing kit after all.

“Mom, we're never gonna get to it!” The kid has more sense than I do.

Then I was told that the refund amount would be $187 and my ambivalence disappeared. For $187, I'll buy her markers and a set of paints! Oh, wait. She already has those, too.

So $187 plus the Webkinz Groundhog I just sold brings me to another $200! But I can't take credit for it yet. I don't count my chickens until they're hatched.

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