Sunday, August 1, 2010

AUGUST TALLY $19,520.37

I did my bills last night. Where to start, where to start...


I paid off my primary-use card IN FULL. A month or two ahead of my previous projections.

After I had paid all of my regular (non-credit-card) bills, I realized that it looked like I had just enough to pay off the outstanding balance on the card I use most often, the Disney Visa card. So I took a deep breath, and I did it!!

Of course, this is going to make the rest of the month a little dicey. We're going to have to eat more judiciously. And I don't know how I'm going to pay Larry the Pressure Washing Guy who agreed to fix the hole in the side of my house next week while he was cleaning out my dryer vent last week (jack of many trades!). Or allowance. And Cathy and I both need new glasses, which is going to really set me back. But that expense would have been incurred anyway.

The glasses will probably have to go right back on the credit card. Regardless, my goal now is to pay off my balance in full on my Amazon Visa and my Disney Visa each month. And starting next month, I shall start chipping away at the balance I'm carrying at 1.99%--but only until early 2011.


My new total credit card debt as of this very moment is $19,520.37, the first time it's been below $20something in, like, forever... On May 1, my total was $24,283.60. That means I've shaved off almost $5,000 in only three months!!! I'd have to say IT'S WORKING!!!

The first thing I do when I sit down monthly to pay my bills is to write down all of my deposits. Well, I had $1,088.71 of extra deposits. There were so many that they took up almost an entire double-page of my checkbook register.

This thing is having a snowball effect. The better it's going, the more I want it to keep going. I have become insanely tightfisted. It really hurt to write that semi-annual check for car insurance!

Today, I shall post a pile of comic books on eBay.

And that's it now. I'm going to post the silver and see how I do.

I'm increasingly inclined to sell everything in my house that isn't nailed down... I wonder how much I could get for my kids??


  1. Super Congratulations to you!!

  2. This is just so inspiring to read! I see a movie contract in the future.

  3. Thank you, but I think my life is much too boring to be a movie!!

  4. I beg to differ - congrats. I remember going down under those big numbers. Reaching an under 20K is *HUGE*! Keep it up. I'm almost inspired to the point where I will sell stuff. I've made a huge pile - now I just have to sell it. Go Disney go Disney! WOO HOO!