Sunday, August 8, 2010

Even Further Adventures on eBay!

With 11 minutes left in the auction, no one had bid on my comic books! With 9 minutes left, I had one bid, and there it stayed. So I only got $30. I was hoping for $50 or $60, but I now always price my auctions (with no hidden “reserve”) at the minimum that won't piss me off if I sell it at that, so I guess I'm good.

Once I sold two Spanish Barney videotapes for $1.99. I learned my lesson! Never doing that again. At that price, it's not worth my time to box them up. I would rather have kept them or donated them!

I now have TWO BIDS on my silver! The bidding stands at $485. There have been 60 views and there are 9 watchers... but there were 5 watchers on the comic books, and we learned how that ended up! It needs to go higher. At this price, it would have been easier just to sell it at the coin shop.

25 more hours!!

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