Monday, September 13, 2010

eBay sales

Again, all that fuss... and the Statue of Liberty sold for $500. To a woman in Brazil. And the wedding bands sold to a woman in the Philippines. I must have forgotten to check the box that says “no international shipping”. What a pain!

So here is what I sold TODAY:

Statue of Liberty $500
wedding bands $100
diamond ring $148.08
Viewmaster $49.01
Animal Ark books $3
more Animal Ark books $15.50
even more Animal Ark books $30
audiotapes $10

For a grand total of... $855.58!

Did I mention that was just TODAY???

Woo hoo!

eBay Countdown

My Statue of Liberty auction closes in 48 minutes, and again there are no bids!

I tried to write eBay about this to ask how this could even happen. You are not supposed to be able to withdraw your bid! But I couldn't send the e-mail without having a specific person to complain about, and since the history now says “no bids”, there is no information about the person who placed and withdrew his bid. On this or any of the auctions where it happened. It's just bizarre!

But my diamond ring is back to having not merely one but two bids. This has been a bit of a roller coaster, this time around. I've never had anyone withdraw a bid before, let alone multiple people on multiple auction items.

43 minutes. 257 views. 14 watchers. Now let's just hope somebody out there does something more than watch!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anxiously Awaiting eBay results

Horse in the House (Animal Ark Series #26)Statue of Liberty auction closes in exactly 24 hours. Still just the one bid, but 207 views and 12 watchers.

The bidder on the diamond ring must have withdrawn his bid, because this morning there is none. I didn't even know you could do that.

But on the plus side, all three of my sets of Animal Ark books now have bids. So that's an additional $45.50. If no one withdraws their bids!

I have a number of lucrative auctions closing tomorrow, so this should be interesting!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upcoming ebay gains

Fisher-Price Super Sounds Projector with Remote ControlI've already had another bid on the Lego Statue of Liberty. I am at $500, but with 171 views and 12 watchers the price is bound to go higher. Two days left.

I have never had such a high-interest item.

I have a number of auctions closing in the next three days. Here are my current bids:

Statue of Liberty $500
wedding bands $100
diamond ring $100
Smurf stuff $22.50
Viewmaster crap $30
audiotapes the kids have outgrown $10
4 little Animal Ark books $3

So that's at least $765.50 I'll be getting in a few days for stuff that was just lying around the house unused and unwanted.

The Viewmaster lot in particular surprised me. (Can you tell?) The main part of it sells for only $12.25 new on Amazon, and the disks are for the most part pretty boring. (Israel! Historic England! Lewis & Clark!)

Stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lego Statue of Liberty -- Again

Lego 3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture 2882 PiecesOh, well. The one bid I had on the Statue of Liberty asked me to cancel his bid because he found one locally and purchased it on the spot. Locally. In Holland! I don't want to ship internationally, anyway.

I canceled the bid.

I'm still very optimistic, though. I've had 116 views and have 11 watchers. One of them will bid the minimum. I just know they will. They have to!!! Aaargh...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On a roll!!!

Playmobil Viking LongboatThat Statue of Liberty is proving more interesting to buyers than the silver! 99 views and 11 watchers. Days left in the auction! I tell you, there isn't much in my house that I wouldn't part with for $500!

Last night, I sold a Playmobil Viking Ship that I'd had posted on Amazon for months. I sold it for $80 and will make around $70. Knowing me, I doubt I paid more than $30 for it! I am on a roll... especially since someone sold the identical used ship for $15 on ebay!

That got me to thinking. Cathy has some Lego castle set gathering dust in the garage. Without going and looking at exactly which one it was, I was still able to see on ebay that she's looking at between $150 and $200 for this castle she doesn't care about anymore!

Of course, that will be her money. Most everything I get is getting thrown at the credit card debt, but an occasional item so clearly belongs to one kid or the other that they really need to keep the money. No matter. She's putting it straight into the “cruise fund”. Apparently, we are saving for a seven-night Disney cruise. And we are about one-third of the way there. More if I can convince Maryanne to go get a part-time job at Disney World and make use of all the benefits!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lego Statue of Liberty

Lego 3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture 2882 PiecesI just sold my Statue of Liberty!!

Okay, so it's not the $1,500 I was asking for it on Amazon. I put it on eBay for $500 plus $50 shipping, and I already got a bid! 76 views and 8 watchers. Who knew???

Monday, September 6, 2010


I paid off my Amazon Visa in full. I paid off my primary-use card in full (again!). I wrote a check for $125 to my USAA card that's charging 0% interest. And I had $950 left over towards the other card on which I'm carrying a balance.

After all was said and done, I ended up with a new total of $18,457.51.

Let's take a moment here.

I have one sheet of paper on which I've been tracking monthly totals since January of 2009. That's one of the reasons I started this blog; that paper was so darned depressing.

In January of 2009, my total was in the $28K range. Following my tax refund, my total spent the rest of the year in the $26K range, but then bounced back up to the $28K range (annual Disney passes, no doubt) shortly before tax refund time in February of 2010.

Now admittedly my tax refund helped some, but I have actually knocked this debt down from around $28K to around $18K in seven months. THAT'S $10,000! Even since the start of the blog, while I have “found” only $2,900, I have knocked the total down around $6,000. Amazing what a little tight-fisted focus can do!


And now, time for the monthly reckoning!!

I received a refund check from The Teaching Company for $149.95 for DVDs I returned. I can't even remember what they were about. Must have been important!

I got another $21.57 from selling something or other on Amazon.

And I took $500 out of Paypal from all of my ebay sales. In fact, I have been selling so much stuff on ebay, that I have around $300 sitting in my Paypal account, but I can only withdraw $500 per month. So that's a good start on next month!

That's a total of $671.52 PLUS the $33.97 I have left over from last month, for a grand total of $705.49. So that's...
(drum roll, please)...


with $5.49 left over towards THIRTY.

That plumbing business may well be a setback, but on the other hand, it turns out that Cathy didn't need new glasses this year. One way or another, it'll all work out. The plumbing/ceiling repair would have happened either way...

Hole-y Terror

I have been frantically ebaying all day long. Tomorrow is the last day to list items for free, but tomorrow Cathy will need the computer back for schoolwork.

Two nights ago (Saturday), I took a bath. Later that night, Maryanne and I were watching TV in the living room when I happened to look up and completely freaked out. There was my bathwater, discoloring the living room ceiling.

Even though it was 9:00 at night, I called my plumber, who kindly called me back. I was completely freaking out. He did his best to calm me down, and by the time he showed up the next day, I was in fact much calmer. As we walked towards the living room, he assured me that the sheetrock would probably dry and all would be well.

And then he saw my living room ceiling. He said, “Ohhhhh,” and I knew I was completely hosed. So for the next month or so, my life will be dominated by the upcoming HOLE in my living room ceiling. Very sad. And don't even get me started on the expense.

I know things like this happen in life, and we just have to deal with them. But they always seem so big right when they're happening to you. Or, rather, me...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September First!

It's September already!

My eBaying continues. Although, really, sometimes I'm not sure how I'll live without my silver Garfield coin or the four latest issues of Beckett's Online Fun magazine that Cathy doesn't want since it used to be Webkinz Magazine and then Plushie Pals and has now gotten too far afield.

Cathy's birthday is coming up, and I don't know what to get her. On the one hand, I've become seriously tightfisted. On the other hand, it is her birthday. On the third hand, everything she wants is unreleased video games! Sonic Colors, Sonic the Hedgehog IV, Scribblenauts, Pokemon Black and White...

Maryanne is easier to shop for. With college on the horizon, all she ever wants these days is cash.

Maryanne took the dog to the vet. $175. And then they wanted to schedule an appointment to have her teeth cleaned under general anesthesia for $365!! Now we know where they really aim to make their money. We decided that our dog's teeth could stay dirty.