Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upcoming ebay gains

Fisher-Price Super Sounds Projector with Remote ControlI've already had another bid on the Lego Statue of Liberty. I am at $500, but with 171 views and 12 watchers the price is bound to go higher. Two days left.

I have never had such a high-interest item.

I have a number of auctions closing in the next three days. Here are my current bids:

Statue of Liberty $500
wedding bands $100
diamond ring $100
Smurf stuff $22.50
Viewmaster crap $30
audiotapes the kids have outgrown $10
4 little Animal Ark books $3

So that's at least $765.50 I'll be getting in a few days for stuff that was just lying around the house unused and unwanted.

The Viewmaster lot in particular surprised me. (Can you tell?) The main part of it sells for only $12.25 new on Amazon, and the disks are for the most part pretty boring. (Israel! Historic England! Lewis & Clark!)

Stay tuned!!

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