Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On a roll!!!

Playmobil Viking LongboatThat Statue of Liberty is proving more interesting to buyers than the silver! 99 views and 11 watchers. Days left in the auction! I tell you, there isn't much in my house that I wouldn't part with for $500!

Last night, I sold a Playmobil Viking Ship that I'd had posted on Amazon for months. I sold it for $80 and will make around $70. Knowing me, I doubt I paid more than $30 for it! I am on a roll... especially since someone sold the identical used ship for $15 on ebay!

That got me to thinking. Cathy has some Lego castle set gathering dust in the garage. Without going and looking at exactly which one it was, I was still able to see on ebay that she's looking at between $150 and $200 for this castle she doesn't care about anymore!

Of course, that will be her money. Most everything I get is getting thrown at the credit card debt, but an occasional item so clearly belongs to one kid or the other that they really need to keep the money. No matter. She's putting it straight into the “cruise fund”. Apparently, we are saving for a seven-night Disney cruise. And we are about one-third of the way there. More if I can convince Maryanne to go get a part-time job at Disney World and make use of all the benefits!!

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