Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to the Jewelry Store

So I went to the jewelry store. Again. Tiffany was out today, so Gwen helped me. (The word “helped” may be a bit strong.) Apparently, they are in the process of opening a third location. That's a third jewelry store location, not counting their paint ball business.(!) Images of Leonard and Sheldon and the gang spring to mind.

I took with me two pairs of gold hoop earrings and another small clump of earrings and the like, all from my former mother-in-law. I also took along a thin gold necklace that was hopelessly tangled. Other than the earrings and the necklace, I hadn't taken any of the items in before. But based on my luck with the QVC earrings, I was optimistic.

Falsely optimistic. It turns out that all the other stuff was gold-plated and from Avon. Worthless, at least in terms of selling it for gold.

The fun didn't end there. Gwen weighed the two pairs of earrings and the tangled gold necklace and offered me $29... although, oddly, in the next minute or two the price fluctuated between $29 and $35. But when Tiffany had weighed everything a few days before (when the price of gold was actually slightly less), she had offered me $47.75 for just one pair of earrings. Admittedly, Gwen did seem to be struggling with the electronic scale. But when I asked what formula she was using to calculate the price, there was a lot of hum-ing and ha-ing and no clear answer. My confidence in this business is rapidly spiraling downward.

Once again, I went home empty-handed, contemplating on the short drive home at what point I would have spent more in gas money driving pointlessly back and forth to the jewelry store than they were ever going to give me.

I am never going to make it to my first $100!!!

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