Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goofing Off

So the last two nights I finally could have started reading my book. But did I? No.

The first night, Maryanne and I watched Avatar, until she suddenly announced that she still had homework, right after the tree was destroyed! I tried to coax her into watching more, but she left. We have kind of a Susan-Julie relationship from Desperate Housewives.

Me (whining): “Skip school tomorrow! We can go to a theme park!”

Her: “I'm going to school!”

I'm a diehard homeschooler, and I just can't get used to this idea of rigidly going to school five days a week. In a row! So then Cathy and I go themeparking on our own.

Anyway, after Avatar Interruptus, I played Tetris on my Gameboy (I still have the original model, which I bought back in 1991!), then read Baby Blues. And then it was time for bed.

The second night, I watched the entire two-hour series finale of 24. I was sure Jack was going to die and all that movie talk was just blowing smoke. But he lived. I'm glad. But I did think they wrapped it up a bit too neatly. Then I played my favorite game on Neopets, Slushie Slinger, which is only available at Altador Cup time, which is now! And then it was time for bed again.

The worst part is that with all the drama about having to stop watching Avatar, I forgot to tape Big Bang. So now I have to watch that on-line.

Meanwhile, I find myself following the price of gold for the first time ever. It just topped $1200 an ounce again. I'm going to try to make it over there to sell our little pile today.

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