Thursday, June 3, 2010


An $800 day!!

I decided to find a coin dealer. My first stop: the forums on Celebration's Front Porch website. I searched “coin” and found a coin store about a half hour away from my house that someone had recommended. I clicked the link. TraderNicks. Then I called and spoke with Pat, who told me that the Austrian gold coin would go for around $480.

She also told me that given the nature of the coin, it was worth only its weight in gold. Literally. Which is the same thing Tiffany had told me, when she offered me $270.33 as the coin's putative weight in gold (when the price of gold was actually lower!).

But Pat also encouraged me to get a second estimate and recommended a store in Orlando. I hopped on the Internet, found the phone number, and called them. I was told they would pay around $500 for the coin, so same ballpark figure.

Then I hit the phone book (Cathy was hogging the computer doing her schoolwork, appropriate, I suppose, since it's schoolwork and technically her computer). I looked up coin dealers... and promptly found the name of the second place I'd called. Within its listing was the name of the same website, TraderNicks! I'm thinking, Are all these places dishonest??

I called that second location again to find out how far away it was from my house (such a Luddite, I know), only to be told that “their other location” was closer to my house. So Pat had given me the name of her other store to give me a second opinion. Sigh.

I went anyway. She gave me $500 for my Austrian coin. $250 for my Yugoslavian coin. And $50 for two pairs of gold earrings and a slender, hopelessly-knotted gold necklace. And I took it!

Anyway you cut it, that's $800 I didn't have when I woke up this morning... straight into my Viactiv container!

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