Tuesday, June 1, 2010


HA! And they said it couldn't be done... Okay, fine. So nobody actually said that...

I've decided to put “pursue that elusive $100” on my daily To Do list, right between breakfast dishes and yoga.

Today I called my contact at United HealthCare to see how that speech refund was coming along (ha ha). I left her four or five messages, but of course she hasn't called me back.

Then I contacted Calvert School about that $175 refund on the Discoveries in Reading kit. It turns out that the refund was processed back onto my credit card (right where it belongs) two weeks ago. I might have looked for it there, if they hadn't told me they'd be mailing me a check! Also on my credit card were refunds for five months of Club Penguin that they had kept erroneously charging me. So that was another $5.95 x 5 or $29.75. So that was $204.75 in refunds I had aggressively pursued, all right back onto my card.

Then my bank statement came (I'm too much of a Luddite to do the on-line banking thing) and I had received $28.34 in payments from Amazon for DS programs I'd sold. Time consuming and not a very good return, but better than nothing and having them continue to clutter up the house.

So, counting my initial $81 (from the sale of the gold sheet and the Franklin Planner stuff), that brings my grand total to $314.09!!!

I am on my way! Three down! Only 197 left to go.

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